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About the bets

Totals (over, under)

This type of sports betting is frequently practiced by bettors who are fond of various sports. The Over / Under mode (Over / Under) basically consists of betting in relation to the score (goals, points, games) total of a match; For example, football(see image). As its name indicates, the user must select if said score exceeds a certain number, which is usually 2.5 in football, although it is variable. That way, you bet if the chosen event ends with more or less than 2.5 goals; the decimal makes it impossible for the score in question to correspond to the Over / Under line.

When it comes to sports such as basketball, tennis or handball, among others, the Over / Under alternative has no fixed figures, since the final markers depend considerably on the main teams. In basketball you can opt for more or less than 200 points in total, while in tennis you have to hit the number of games: more or less than 39.5, for example.

Local, tie or visit and double chance.

The double opportunity: this modality is interesting for those gamblers with patience and without anxiety. There are 3 options 1x ( Local team or draw) 12(Local or visit team) 2x(visit or draw). Naturally, it is only available for events with three possible results and it must also be taken into account that the fees are reduced. It is logical. However, it can be a profitable system in the long term.

Local draw or visit: it is the accurate forecast of the result, win 1(local), draw or win 2(visit).


In this modality, it is known as a tie does not lose. It consists of adding or removing points to the result of team 1 or 2, this modality is for more experience users, which consists of knowing the team's forecast to bet, in order to know if we are going to add or remove points with the final result in mind.
The difference in points intercedes the sport in question. For example, the difference in points that there would be between a soccer and a basketball game is quite considerable.




As the name implies, they are simple bets. The user chooses a selection and makes his move in a specific event. Of course you can do it as many times as you want, but always individually.




It is precisely a combination of simple bets: two or more, with a maximum determined by each bookmaker. The great advantage of this modality is that the quotas of each selection multiply each other and lead to a high final quota. At the same time and as a negative point, the bettor must hit all his plays to win. 



In this case, the user combines a series of events but has an advantage in relation to the combined ones, previously mentioned, which is that an error does not necessarily lead to losing the money invested. A simple example to explain this converted version of combination betting is System 2/3. It consists of choosing three events and opting for two selections in each of them, each selection being a bet in itself. The amount wagered is divided into the three bets, so, in order to get a profit, it is precisely necessary to hit at least two of the three plays.


It is the set of the single bets and all the possible combined bets of the chosen events. The minimum number of events in this type of betting is 2, the maximum amount is 8.

To receive payout for the bet, you need to guess at least one selection


W1, W2, G1, G2: It means who wins. (W = win)

X: tie

Individual Total 1, Total 2: Individual result of team 1 or 2.

Over: Over than

Under: = Lss than

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